We regularly visit our suppliers overseas to inspect our products to be sure that the merchandise produced by these firms is the highest quality product available for our customers.

You may take some of our items for granted or miss them altogether, but we don’t. When you reach for a bag of potatoes at the grocery store, sit in your favorite chair or feel your living room carpet under your feet, there’s a good chance one of our products is involved. Farmers controlling erosion, arborists transplanting seedlings and civil engineers piling sandbags against flooding all depend on our quality textile products to do their jobs.


  • Cloth: plain and rot proof
  • Bags: plain and printed
  • Squares & Liners: plain and rot proof
  • Soil Saver, webbing, yarn and twine
  • Sacking cloth and bags
  • Carpet backing cloth and hop cloth
  • Decorative fabrics, colored fabrics and shopping bags
  • Raw jute fiber


  • Cloth & bags: skid and nonskid
  • Bulk bags


  • Cotton cloth & bags
Hessian Cloth (Lighter Weave)
Soil Saver Cloth
Raw Jute Fiber
Hessian Cloth (Heavier Weave)
Colored Jute Fabric
Printed Hessian Bags
Woven Polypropylene
Colored Plastic Packaging
Jute Twine